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i’m in love

I love this video… look at the schnooges!


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my roommate loves me

This cd now belongs to me, ’nuff said.

(why I’m proud of this, I have no clue)

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concerning the end

Tonight marked the end of an era (well not technically) for Shelby and I. We finished the entire Gilmore Girls series. This show has brought me through quite the year, I don’t know if I have ever been attached to a show quite like I was to this one. I have knots in my stomach right now… thanks for the great year Shelby!

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At the heart of it all, then, this is a book about love. We listen deeply because we are called to love deeply–love God and all those around us. When we love other people, we want them to have the best life possible. When we love people, we listen to their dreams and hope with all our hearts that we can help them come to pass; we want to contribute to their happiness. In the body of Christ, when we love other people, we work for their fullest spiritual development and find ways to help them use all that they are for God’s glory.

This is a book of leaning into all that God created us to be, of living in gratefulness for the unique combination of things that make us who we are.

I am so excited for this class!

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