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My summer days so far have consisted of knitting and reading. I have been sitting in the sun, running errands and playing chauffeur. While I really should be attending to my huge pile of junk in the garage, I am putting that off for more important things, like resting before the big move to New York.

The most exciting thing in my summer so far came last night when I found out that I have a place to live next year! This news came as a huge relief after months of agonizing over where to live, what to do to pay for school, etc. While I am still nervous about a lot of things, having a place to call home, and two fabulous girls to call roommates is a huge weight off my shoulders.

area code 10033

Say hello to area code 10033! My new home, for a while at least. And here’s to Emily and Tomi, my new roommates. I am excited to meet you in person.

In other news, I am knitting a sweet set of lacy lingerie for my friend. Krista, be excited… you are going to love this!


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