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Last week was graduation and it was a blast, spending time with family and friends and putting the final touches on my time here at SPU. Once the festivities of graduation weekend were over however, we were all left with the painfully scary realization that now is the time when everyone leaves. Before graduation was a real event in our minds, we had all talked about our plans for this coming year with excitement (and quite a bit of consternation). Now, just a week since we walked across the stage at Safeco field, I have said goodbye to two of my friends. More goodbyes will follow in the next couple of weeks (in fact, one will happen tomorrow).

To be honest, I don’t know if I truly grasp the significance of these goodbyes; goodbyes are nothing new in these relationships as we have said goodbye many times before. The difference this time is that these goodbyes are not said with the promise of a quick return. These ones are indefinite. They are open-ended goodbyes, ones with no definition besides whatever we choose to give them. School is not starting in the fall (at least not at SPU) and we will not be back after Christmas break or a quick weekend home.

Still, these goodbyes are filled with anticipation and excitement. I have already sent well-wishes to friends on their way to places all over the country and the globe; I too am off on an adventure in a little over a month. I want to say my goodbyes well and I want to wade through their indefiniteness in a way that does justice to relationships. I have made old friends here.

This goodbye is for all you old friends. I can’t wait for our next hello!


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