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best saturday ever

This post is best read while listening to the following:

Wow, I meant to blog about this on Saturday but I have been reluctant to look at a computer screen because my eyes have been screaming for a rest. They are still screaming to me in the form of an impending migraine but I am going to push through it this time to share the glory that was my Saturday.

I spent the morning just wandering around my house, doing homework and having a leisurely s-hour breakfast (my favorite kind of breakfast). When I finally decided to leave my house I decided that travelling all the way to Staten Island would be a good idea. I had grand plans of discovering a wonderful cafe and falling in love with “the forgotten borough.” Little did I know that it is forgotten for a reason (sorry to anyone who lives there); it is really just a giant suburb. Nonetheless, I had a great day and here are some of the highlights.

Exhibit A:

Best Cannolo I have ever eaten in the U.S. Okay, it is the only Cannolo I have eaten in the U.S. but it was still pretty good.

Exhibit B:

Beautiful sunset over Staten Island. This was the first in a series of amazing sunsets that I have enjoyed this week. Today was the first day that I couldn’t see the sunset because I was in the basement of the library, writing a stats paper, boo.

Exhibit C:

The best ferry ride ever. I stood on the front of the ferry and watched as we approached Manhattan while listening to Holocene by Bon Iver (the track you should be listening to right now). I think Bon Iver sums it up in this song.

… and at once I knew I was not magnificent
Hulled far from the highway aisle
I could see for miles, miles, miles

Wow. The man standing next to me was also by himself listening to something over his headphones. I like to think we shared a moment…

Also, on the way home I bought my first pack of Oatmeal Stout for the season. Bring on the cold weather!

So here is a quick summary: Staten Island is not so great. The ferry ride there is awesome, especially at sunset. Beer is good, especially seasonal beer.

And now, I am off to bed. I have a lot of other thoughts running through my head but I am too tired to write them (I also wrote two other papers today so my brain is tired…)

Peace to you all.


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the subway life

I have decided that one of my favorite things about living in New York is taking the subway. There is the obvious reason that it is an extremely fast and relatively reliable way to get where I want to go but there are a ton of other not so obvious reasons that I love my subway rides.

1. On Tuesdays and Thursdays I am pretty sure that my subway conductor is Bill Clinton. His voice is such a soothing (and slightly comic) way to start my day.

2. The subway is prime for people watching. I always got into trouble for staring at people when I was younger but this is one place that I will not be reprimanded for watching people. Most of the time the train is too packed for anyone to notice anyway. I especially like to watch people eat breakfast.

3. There is absolutely no obligation to socialize even when you are packed into the car like a sardine. No one expects anything from you and you don’t have to feel rude for not saying ‘hi.’

4. Making timely transfers is like a little game I get to play with myself.

5. Knitting on the subway is the greatest. So many great conversations have started because I was knitting during my train ride. I have talked to a famous rapper, a few interesting men, and one sweet little girl who exclaimed to her mother that my project was “soooo beautiful!” Instant ego boost…

6. Flirting with strangers is so fun. Especially when you get off the train and make eye contact with that person and watch them ride away.

7. You can learn all sorts of new things. Like what a crack pipe looks like…

8. They run all night which means no more calling roommates when I miss the last bus.

9. It is so much cheaper than owning a car, which is the best part of the subway in my opinion.

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