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and so we leave New York.

Life has been a whirlwind these past four days. Shelby and I arrived in New York on Saturday night and took a walk in central park before a dinner with a friend.

After a church visit in the morning Sunday was planned for us–coffee, shopping, fish and chips, awesome beer and panini’s with newly discovered friends.

Monday we were on our own- the best coffee drinks ever made (seriously), shopping, AUTHENTIC pizza, modern art, chipotle, Brooklyn bridge, hunt for the empire state building (surprisingly hard to spot), reading and bed.

Tuesday- coffee and bagels, museum of natural history (aka international house of murder/taxidermy), lunch with a friend, Columbia University (aka yearning heart time), coffee, ground zero, shopping, financial district/wall street, statue of liberty, street food dinner, NY cheesecake and bed.

…and now I am sitting on a train ride through New Jersey while listening to Bon Iver (I don’t think there has ever been a more perfect music moment). we are making our way to D.C. where we will have another whirlwind couple of days. Supposedly we are expecting thunder storms so I think the Smithsonian is where we will make our home for the day.

Until another time…


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something new

I made a craigslist post in the missed connections section today. I’m really not sure why but I figured I might as well.

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allow me…

… to suggest a wonderful bog post by Amy Laura Hall, Associate Professor of Christian Ethics and Duke Divinity School via my friend Lara. On Eating Chocolate for Lent

Peace on your Lenten journey.

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Down through the centuries, in every society, there have been some things men have naturally done and other things women have naturally done. But it was Christianity that freed women from her subservient role. I have never understood how any woman could reject Christ, for is was Christ who gave dignity to women. Christians may have problems with women in ministry–but Christ never did. He elevated us. He set us free. I am glad that I am a woman.

Kathryn Kuhlman

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I have a rendezvous with life,
A midst some uncompleted task,
Or when with tightened grasp
I wage new wars with sin.

I might even have begun a work
With thought of what Its end would mean,
And then have the life beyond come between
My present one and all my dreams.

God gives only life–by this I know
That, life which calls me far away
From this present and industrious day
Is appointed by Him. Therefore I have no fear.

For my rendezvous is not with death
Whatever else I might wish first to do
Before departing for the other life and new
This I know, my rendezvous is made with God.

The uncompleted task shall to another fall,
And whether in the day or darkened night,
I’ll go to God where all is light.
This is my rendezvous with life.

a poem by Uldine Utley

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