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Summer is finally here and my season in Seattle has officially begun. I am working as a nanny which is turning out to be pretty fun. Who knew you could have so much fun with 5-month olds. I also landed a job with one of my professors who needs help preparing his statistics textbook for publishing. Yes this sounds very nerdy but I have resigned to that fact and I am having quite a lot of fun. Here is just a little taste of what I have been doing for this…

One of the greatest parts of my summer is that I am living with some awesome girls, one of which just happens to be the wonderful Kathleen Smith. Yesterday we had our last official required meeting for school leadership and this is just a glimpse of the most wonderful hot air balloon ride one could ever experience…

…well, it wasn’t really a hot air balloon ride but it was still fun to pretend. Who knew that having a balloon tied to your pants would actually be a super enjoyable experience? Our ride ended with my balloon coming untied and flying away–this is why it is good we were on a fake hot air balloon ride. Otherwise, I would be dead.

Oh yeah, I also knit these socks…

Blessings on your summers…



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i only wish i was this badass…

thanks rachel john

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Drumming SongWow, it has been a while hasn’t it. Let’s see, what has been happening?

First off, I knit a sweater, no big deal or anything just my first one. Who am I kidding? I AM STOKED ABOUT THIS! Here is a picture, needless to say, I will be wearing this a lot. You should also note that this was once a men’s extra large that I unraveled and re-knit. Again, no big deal…

Other than the sweater, my life has been a mess lately… I am trying to pull everything together and I think I am on the path to that (it’s just taking a little bit longer than I thought.  To help me feel a little more on track I painted my nails a lovely shade of Pamplona Purple (courtesy of OPI and my lovely roommate Shelby.

Oh yeah! I almost forgot… I am going to see Florence and the Machine on Thursday night at the Showbox at the Market. Needless to say I am stoked about this. Here is a video of Drumming Song, check out more of her stuff here…

So long farewell my friends,

peace until we meet again.

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now on to the washing.

the unraveled sweater

Here is the yarn from that sweater I told you about… so beautiful.  I am going to be washing it here in the next couple of days, then I get to begin the journey of knitting it into something beautiful for myself. I am going to use only things that came from the original sweater. Let the challenge commence!

In other news…

sniffing the steam coming out of your water heater because it smells a little funny is not a good thing to do. You will burn the inside of your nose.


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