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new year, new start

Friends, life has been real crazy as of late. I think it has been about a year since I have posted a blog or anything and I feel horrible about that. There are so many feelings I have felt in the past year or so and I cannot catch up on them all. Let it suffice to say that there were feelings, there were happenings, there were places, and there were people–some of it was hard, all of it was good. There, my summary of the past year.

So where am I now? I am fully settled in New York City. I love it here guys. I have a wonderful church, some friends, and a man… yep, a man. My newest digs in Harlem are treating me well, mostly because I can walk most places I need to go. I take great pride in my recent identity as a gratuitous walker (courtesy of my man). I have knit a ton of things, including toys for many of the new adorable children in my life. I am a “mostly” vegan these days. “Mostly” because it is still too hard to pass up the delicious baked goods that make their way to my plate every now and again. The veganism is made a little easier by the fact that aforementioned man is dairy-free and I generally enjoy the challenge of baking delicious treats that he can enjoy. More to come on that front under the tag “confessions of a reluctant homemaker.”

Perhaps the biggest change that has happened in this past year is that I have obtained a Masters degree (Woohoo!) and I am now awaiting responses from the seven PhD programs I applied to. Compared to last time, there is a lot less anxiety about it all (read: none at all). I feel entirely at peace which is weird. I think I have learned to be comfortable dwelling in ambiguous spaces.

In the interest of keeping this post simple, I will leave you with this amazing photo I recently found by Fan Ho titled, “Approaching Shadow.” It speaks to me in so many ways, mainly because it is beautiful. I have many other thoughts about life that I would love to blog about but I will save those for a little later.

Approaching Shadow


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