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Most men have faith in women, few women have faith in women. I have been astonished at the number of women who have come to me for advice whose only trouble was that they had no faith in womanhood, and consequently none in themselves.

These words from Helen Sunday stood out to me as I read about her earlier today. Not only do we need to have faith in our ability to live fully into womanhood, we need to be able to define what womanhood means. What does it mean to have faith in womanhood and therefore ourselves? Helen Sunday presents several potential sources of identity definition for women. First, a woman can ask herself what men want her to be. Second, a woman can ask herself whet she wants to be. “But, in the future, we shall come to asking the right question: ‘What does God want a woman to be?'”

The question of today is only half-answered as yet. Women do not know what they want to be, because they do not yet know what they are. Only one thing they have learned and this is that they are no longer the chattels of the man.

As I read this text written by a woman in the early 1900’s I can’t help but think that we have not come very far in defining who we are as women according to God. How do we define ourselves as women? What questions should we be asking and what actions should we take in discovering this? The most essential element of this discovery of womanhood seems to lie in the fact that women need to act for themselves. Definition cannot come from outside the woman and it cannot come without a recognition of the essentially female aspects that come from God.

I will close with one more quote from Helen Sunday because she articulates this better than I can ever hope to.

“The great, historic opportunity has been offered to them [women]. The gates have been flung wide for them. At last, the doors of the Doll House have been opened, and they have been invited to come into the great world outside. The rest is in their own hands”



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As the title suggests, feminism is now a word equitable to the “f” word in many ways. People have to defend themselves when they use it or clarify that they are not one just to gain respect for their next comment. 

Today is International Women’s Day and today we all get to be feminists, because we wouldn’t dare be a feminist during the other 364 days of the year. So here’s to feminism–the word that brings be university education, jobs outside of the home, even the ability to own property. Although there are still advancements to be made perhaps we should just take a minute and thank all of the dirty little “f” words that came before us, and perhaps we will pledge to continue their legacy…

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