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now on to the washing.

the unraveled sweater

Here is the yarn from that sweater I told you about… so beautiful.  I am going to be washing it here in the next couple of days, then I get to begin the journey of knitting it into something beautiful for myself. I am going to use only things that came from the original sweater. Let the challenge commence!

In other news…

sniffing the steam coming out of your water heater because it smells a little funny is not a good thing to do. You will burn the inside of your nose.



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my newest project

grey sweater

This is a men’s sweater (100%) cotton that will soon become a sweater for me.

I bought it for $9.99 which is a price you can’t beat for this much yarn, especially cotton yarn.

I can hardly wait!

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life is a typeface

I took this test today to see what typeface I am…

My typeface…. New Alphabet. Apparently this font is completely illegible but whatever, I still like it.

Take the quiz here

Happy President’s day!

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redeeming love

One of my good friends is home for two weeks on leave from the army. He has been in Afghanistan since July and I have missed him.

It is weird trying to relate to all of the war stories and I have a hard time listening to some of the gory stuff he has to share. Amidst all of his horror stories last night my friend shared this story and I love the beauty that is present through the storm.

During the elections the soldiers were posted throughout the villages to protect people from Al-Qaeda. My friend was sitting against the side of a farm house when a little boy walked out. Seeing the soldiers startled him and the boy just stood there for a couple of minutes watching the soldiers. My friend motioned to the boy and asked for ‘chai.’ The boy disappeared into the house and returned some time later with a tray, tea, and two cups. He sat down next to my friend and shared some tea with him. My friend found some animal crackers in his pocket and shared these with the boy.

Tea and animal crackers in the desert of Afghanistan. A vision of beauty that I can’t fully comprehend.

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