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They called him Jesus and they loved him.


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Merry Christmas everyone!

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being alone

I couldn’t have said it better myself… thanks Leah!

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Today was a great day, much like a my best day ever that happened about a week ago. I will write today’s blog post in list form yet again because that seems to be the best way to share a day like today.

1. waking up without an alarm (the first time in about 4 months) and sharing a leisurely breakfast time with Laura and Shelby.

2. knitting time while watching The Motorcycle Diaries. I can now say that I love Che Guevara… yes I know this is a controversial statement but it is one I am willing to make.

3. Lunch of homemade potato leek soup and some nail painting time.

4. downtown trip with Laura, Shelby, Lena, and Krista (I found a great new sweater at Nordstrom Rack)

5. bus ride home with the aforementioned ladies complete with acting out a promotional commercial for ORCA cards

6. laughing so hard I cried

7. pizza with the homies

8. throwback to the good old days with Home Alone 2 (they just don’t make movies like this anymore folks)

Thanks to all who shared this day with me…

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the homestretch

I am currently sitting in a coffee shop working on my last paper of Fall quarter. For the paper I watched a season of 16 and Pregnant and I am trying to write something intelligent about it. We’ll see what comes out.

When I am done with this paper it is on to finishing grad school applications which are due on Friday. YIKES!!! This is a little bit of a surreal time of life. We are getting so close to being done I don’t know what to think. I am pretty excited for the most part but I am certainly cherishing every moment I have with dear friends before we all head out on our prospective journeys next year. Every step of this year just makes life seem so much more real but I am excited to see where life takes me and my friendships.

I wish you all the happiest of Christmas breaks.

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best day ever

Seriously, today was one of the best days of my life, I was at least 5 minutes late to everything I did because of the wonderful friends I happened upon all over the place. I will tell the story in list form (for the sake of a final in two days).

1. breakfast with my roomie, Shelbow Anne

2. hot apple cider waiting for me at work (peppermint jo-jo’s too!)

3. being in a discussion group with the cute boy in my psych class (he seriously looks like Logan Huntsburger…)

4. having an impromptu conversation with Jess in front of the library

5. finally returning my two week overdue book to said library

6. exchanging friendly sociological banter with three of my favorite soc professors

7. eating lunch in the presence of my good friend Trevor White

8. taking the two cutest twins in the world for a walk on a crisp fall day

9. discovering Noah Gunderson’s house and listening to his band practice on my way to work

10. happening upon a new addition to the Queen Anne business community… a self-serve frozen yogurt place!

11. drip coffee and an apple spice scone at Caffe Ladro

12. discovering that I am still capable of becoming angered by things I read

here’s hoping this day never ends…

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